QualityAds For Quality Audience

Traffic from direct publishers only
Advanced targeting
Anti ad blocking solution
Real-time detailed statistics
eCPM real-time optimization
Selfservice for advertisers
24/7 qualified support
Custom solutions for valued partners
Own Adserver solution
No financial transaction fees
Ad networks rotation optimization for publishers

Available Targeting

Country / City
Device Type
Browser / OS
Time Targeting
IP Range / ISP
Mobile Carrier / Wi-Fi

Available Ad Formats

  • Mobile Banners

    Banners optimized for smartphones and tablets.

    Display Banners

    300x100 and 300x250 banner formats are available
  • Mobile Popunder

    Solution for delivering traffic for mobile sites and apps.

    In Player Ads

    In-video banner
  • Instant Message

    Typically a copy of the instant messenger chat box.


    Traffic delivery solution for desktop & mobile sites.
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For Publishers

Create and place adcodes and monetize your website traffic. Get money for every valid click from your websites. Our system ensures maximum revenue possible at any given time by rendering ads from highest bidders on your websites.

Adcodes for displaying text or banner ads are available which are capable of identifying the most relevant keywords in your websites and generating best matching ads for the same.

Adcodes can be configured to filter your competitor ads from being displayed on your websites.

For Advertisers

Promote your business using our Pay Per Click (PPC) ads and generate top quality leads to your websites. Your ads will have widespread reach as they are served in our enormous publisher network.

Create your ads in Text or Banner formats and control the target audience of your ads by configuring keywords and geographical filters. Pay only when someone clicks on your advertisements.

Our highly cost effective advertising solution ensures that you are paying only for genuine visitors to your web sites.

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